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Well I'm starting to get a few things, on and off, on the homepage that can be downloaded so I've decided to archive them here should anyone want them.


There are 2 zip files here, one a fully encapsulated AJaX object which is a bit of an academic exercise as it only really works in Firefox; encapsulation required calling a native function embedded in the browser and we only found the required handler for Firefox, presumably a similar function must exist in Opera, IE, Safari and so on, but we didn't look that hard to be honest. This was a joint effort between my brother and myself - I did the grunt work, he encapsulated it elegantly.

Download the encapsulated AJaX handler.

This second one is a slight modification of the AJaX handler that runs parts of this site - and it works with every browser I've tested it on (Firefox, Opera, Safari and IE). All it does really is creates a JavaScript extension that maps the various different versions of XMLHTTPRequest into one object. This means that to create a new AJaX object you just do something like var ajax = new XMLHTTPRequestObject();

You can call it with the loadURI method which allows you to send the variables through GET or POST and return the data, to a custom callback function (you define), as either an XML object or a text string. It is actually quite simple although this description probably doesn't make it sound that way.

Download the functional AJaX handler.

Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War

Bad Moons Banner Death Skullz Banner Evil Suns Banner Goffs Banner

Well, I'm slowly replacing the some of the basic DoW badges and banners with my own custom versions (based on Games Workshop artwork for the most part). So far I've got 6 of the Ork clans sorted and I've put all the badges and banners into one handy zip file to download.

Download my Orky badges and banners.

Snake Bites Banner Blood Axes Banner

To install you just need to extract the contents to the relevant folders.

Badges: [install directory]/badges/
Banners: [install directory]/banners/

These work with the original DoW and the Dark Crusade and Soulstorm expansions, although as each has it own install directory you'll need to put the badges and banners in them all.

Copyright blurb

Since everything you produce is implicitly copyrighted (you never actually need to add a copyright notice to a website, but hey) I thought I'd better just put a little waiver here so that you don't have to, legally speaking, email me to download anything on this page... it's a download page, permission to copy should be implicit but you never know.

So, here goes. I hereby give permission for anyone to copy any of the "downloads" on this page (www.xenotaph.net/p=5/downloads.html) for their own personal, non-commercial, use. I would however appreciate being notified of any modifications (if you improve on something I've cobbled together it might be nice if you sent the improvements back to me), this is not a condition of download, just a courtesy.

If you are thinking of redistributing any works on this page, please point the recipient(s) to this site (www.xenotaph.net) - I'm vain enough to appreciate kudos.

Finally, if you want to include anything in a commercial application or distribution, please email me - I'm amenable to vast quantities of cash!